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/ Main / News / «Black Sea Ports Cup 2007» cruiser yacht regatta finished in Odessa

Placed: 17.07.2007 12:07:14

«Black Sea Ports Cup 2007» cruiser yacht regatta finished in Odessa

The VII Open All-Ukrainian “Black Sea Ports Cup 2007” cruiser yacht regatta having been held on July, 1 – 7, in Odessa is finished. Odessa citizens are the leaders.

The VII Open “Black Sea Ports Cup 2007 cruiser yacht regatta started in Odessa on July, 1.
The regatta was taking place along the seashore on the traditional route between the ports of Odessa, Yuzhny and Illyichevsk.
The regatta was participated by 41 cruiser yachts from Odessa, Yuzhny, Nikolayev, Kherson, Kiev, Sevastopol and other cities. The tournament featured even the yachts under the flags of Panama and Great Britain.
The yachts were divided in 8 groups. In each group, the winner was defined according to his class. The participants were awarded with prizes and medals. In total, 7 main races were held.
“Maestro” yacht from Odessa was recognized to be the champion in its group and in the whole regatta as well.
In the network of the competitions, the centerboarder class “Black Sea Ports Small Cup 2007” among the children of 8 – 14 year age was held. The competitions were taking place on July, 14 – 15.
37 quarter-masters were taking part in the competition. Pavel Dontsov from Odessa became the Absolute Champion. The second place went to Daria Somova, and the third one went to Nikolay Dimitriyev.
In total, the ten prize positions went to the citizens of Odessa.

"Maestro" yacht crew

The press-conference dedicated to regatta closing ceremony, Small Cup results and traditional Journalists’ Race will take place on July, 20, 2007. The prizes and medals are to be handed in to the race winners.
The tournament was organized by Odessa Regional Sailing Sports Federation. The regatta was aimed at sailing sports development and its best traditions revival. The regatta had started in 2001 as a yacht festival. In 2003, it gained the Open All-Ukrainian one status.

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