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/ Main / News / The II Rapid Chess World Cup to be held in Odessa in 2008

Placed: 15.08.2007 12:18:00

The II Rapid Chess World Cup to be held in Odessa in 2008

The Olympic system competitions are to be participated by 16 chess players.

The II Rapid Chess World Cup is planned to be held in Odessa in 2008.
The competitions are planned to be held on elimination system (Olympic system, KO) and will feature 16 chess players.
The parties will be played with 20 minutes control with 5 minutes adding after each turn.
The contracts to participate the tournament will be given to 13 grand masters having won such right on the results of the 3rd CPA tour 2006 – 2007 having finished on July, 1, 2007.
The three vacancies left will be distributed (as a Wild Card) separately, and its being presented to one of Odessa’s grand masters is definitely not excluded. The Cup’s prize fund will reach $ 100 000.
The tournament is planned to be held on January, 3 – 7, 2008.
Each of the 13 chess players having been invited is the representative of modern chess elite, 8 of them are included in the world rating top ten.

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