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/ Main / News / Famous Ukrainian boxers Vitali and Vladimir Klitschko to probably visit the II Rapid Chess World Cup

Placed: 15.08.2007 15:28:47

Famous Ukrainian boxers Vitali and Vladimir Klitschko to probably visit the II Rapid Chess World Cup

Chess Professionals Association II Rapid Chess World Cup is planned to be held in Odessa in 2008.

The tournament is planned to be held on January, 3 – 7, 2008.
The competitions are planned to be held on elimination system (Olympic system, KO) and will feature 16 chess players.
The parties will be played with 20 minutes control with 5 minutes adding after each turn.
Championship management plans to announce the precise composition of the Cup’s participants in autumn at the final conference when all the contract are signed. At the moment, negotiations for the Chess Absolute World Champion Vladimir Kramnik to visit the tournament are being carried out.
“We are hoping to see a lot of famous chess players whom we plan to invite. If we are lucky enough to arrange Vladimir Kramnik’s arrival we may have a chance to see many of his friends. It is known that he’s a friend of Klitschko brothers. We are hoping for you to see not only the famous chess players, but the famous artists and sportsmen as well”, emphasized Odessa Regional Chess Federation President Mr. Vadim Morokhovskiy.
Mr. Morokhovskiy has also expressed his hoping on the world mass media’s to be widely interested in the oncoming event.

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