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/ Main / News / Prosthetic-orthopedic aid center to be built in Odessa

Placed: 07.08.2007 14:45:10

Prosthetic-orthopedic aid center to be built in Odessa

Odessa City Council issued a decision to let “Tellus” firm project and build a prosthetic-orthopedic aid center.

After having considered the land use organization project having been worked out by Engineering Research Center and land rent agreement between “Tellus” PF and Odessa City Council, it has issued a decision to render 0.0788 ha area land lot at 3, Ac. Vorobyova str. to “Tellus” PF for 5 years term in order for it to project and build a prosthetic-orthopedic aid center.
Odessa City Council Land Resources Dept is to insert the according amendments into the land register documentations and to control the land rent agreement conditions execution.
Odessa City Suvorovskiy District State Tax Inspection is to control means coming in according to the acting laws.
This decision’s execution is to be controlled by Odessa City Council Land Use Organization and Land Laws Affairs Standing Commission.

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