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/ Main / News / Italian military ship visited Odessa

Placed: 20.08.2007 10:02:16

Italian military ship visited Odessa

“San Giusto” Italian Naval Academy vessel visited Odessa for the 2nd consecutive time. The friendly visit lasted until August, 19.

On August, 16, “San Giusto” Italian Republic Naval Academy training ship visited Odessa in the network of the training campaign for the second consecutive time.
The friendly visit lasted until August, 19.
In Saturday and Sunday, all the citizens and guests of Odessa had an opportunity to visit the Italian ship, see it from the inside and get acquainted with the crew.
On August, 16, the ship commander Andre Toni, Deputy Ambassador of Italy to Ukraine Doctor Giuseppe Finochiaro and chief praposhchik Deputy Defense Affairs Attache in Italian Republic Embassy in Ukraine Giuseppe De Martino held a meeting with Odessa City Council Secretary Alexander Prokopenko.
The guests got acquainted with Odessa downtown reconstruction plans, different projects being realized with the support of the municipality.
During the meeting, Alexander Prokopenko stated the Italian seamen’s visiting Odessa to be extremely important and emphasized that this fact does confirm Odessa’s status of Ukraine’s marine gates.

After the end of the visit, “San Giusto” ship made for the Mediterranean Sea.

Photos: Odessa City Official Web-Site omr.gov.ua


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