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/ Main / News / Odessa for the first time became the partner in the EU projects of the environmental protection of the Black Sea

Placed: 27.03.2017 16:09:04

Odessa for the first time became the partner in the EU projects of the environmental protection of the Black Sea

Gennadiy Trukhanov had a series of negotiations about inclusion Odessa to European projects of the environmental protection of the Black Sea, met with the heads of the committees of the European Parliament and the leaders of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov was on an official visit to Brussels from 19 to 23 March 2017.
During the second and the third days the Mayor of Odessa visited the European Parliament where he had a number of negotiations with heads of committees and departments on the issues of cooperation in the implementation of projects of coastal and environmental protection of the Black sea on the basis of sister city relations with cities of Bulgaria and Romania.

The issues of transport and transport logistics, thermal power and energy efficiency were discussed. Also the Mayor visited the Brussels school, built with the use of technologies of high energy efficiency.

In addition, there were a series of negotiations with the leaders of the Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The issues of investment attractiveness of Odessa and development of the business cooperation were discussed during the meetings. It was productive and interesting meeting with the representatives of the Association of cities of the European Union "EUROCITIES". The sides discussed the issues of urban policy, infrastructure projects and social issues.

Also the Mayor of Odessa met with the representatives of the foreign media and the press-office of the European Parliament.
«All levels of the European authorities showed interest to Odessa. I am grateful to all participants for paying the attention to our city. We got advice and recommendations which will allow Odessa to interact more with the European Union and participate in various European projects», - Gennadiy Trukhanov said.



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