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/ Main / News / Independence Day celebrated in Odessa

Placed: 27.08.2007 09:28:26

Independence Day celebrated in Odessa

On Independence Day, traditional flowers laying ceremony to T. Shevchenko monument took place, thematic exhibitions and national and cultural communities festival were open.

Celebrating the 16th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence in Odessa has started two days before the very feast with the art exhibition of 30 Ukrainian painters in Odessa City Hall foyer.
On August, 23, an exhibition dedicated to Ukrainian toy was open in Local History Museum.
On August, 24, the Independence Day, traditional flowers laying ceremony to T. Shevchenko monument took place.
Municipal authority was represented by Odessa City First Deputy Mayor Anatoliy Vorokhayev, Deputy Mayor Tatiana Fidirko, and District Administrations Heads. Numerous representatives of the political parties, social organizations and different religious confessions were present at the celebration as well.

Odessa City First Deputy Mayor Anatoliy Vorokhayev told the journalists about his being sure of the further development of the independent Ukraine. “The way of successful development and formation Ukraine has mastered in 16 years has been surmounted for a much longer term by many other countries. At the time being, we have a true freedom of speech, political freedom. Now, we have to do our best to increase the citizens’ life level and for our children to be as sure in the country’s future as we are”, emphasized Mr. Vorokhayev.
The representative festival of national and cultural communities was held at the Theater square as well. Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Georgian and many other art collectives presented their art works at this festival.
Thematic exhibitions were functioning in every library of Odessa. Presentation of Zaporozhye Army Hetmans’ embroidered portraits took place in Odessa Professional Clothes Technologies and Design Lyceum.

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