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/ Main / News / Odessa businessmen to take part in the 102nd International Fair in Guangzhou (China)

Placed: 28.08.2007 14:51:23

Odessa businessmen to take part in the 102nd International Fair in Guangzhou (China)

Businessmen from Odessa invited to participate in the 102nd International China Import and Export Fair to take place in October 2007.

The 102nd International China Import and Export Fair will be taking place in Guangzhou City in October 2007.
Businessmen from Odessa are invited to participate.
The Fair will be taking place in two phases:
Phase I: October, 15 – 20, 2007;
Phase II: October, 25 – 30, 2007.
Fair Interval: October, 21 – 24, 2007.
Venue:China Import and Export Fair (Pazhou) Complex
China Import and Export Fair (Liuhua) Complex
The following products will be presented at the exhibition:

Phase I: Oct. 15 - 20, 2007

【Canton Fair (Pazhou) Complex】

International Pavilion
Machinery & Equipment

·Machinery & Equipment
 Apparatus; Photographic Supplies; Printing Apparatus; Universal  Machinery; Weaving Supplies; Element parts of  Machinery; Varied Models of Complete Plants

Small Vehicles & Spare Parts
 Bicycles; Motorcycles; Automobiles; Vehicle Spare Parts

Electronics, IT Products & Household Electrical Appliances

·Household Electric Appliances
 Kitchen Electrical Appliances; Refrigerators and Refrigeration  Equipment; Air Conditioners  and Ventilation Equipment; Washers  and Dryers; Other Small Electrical Appliances

·Electronics & IT Products
 Audio-video Products; Computer Products; Communication  Products; Business Automation  Equipment; Electronic Security  Equipment; Computer Software

·Lamps & Light Fixtures
 Light Sources; Lamps and Lights; Light Fittings

Hardware & Tools

 Measures; Grinders; Blades; Hand Tools; Electric  Tools; Pneumatic Tools; Hydraulic  Pressure Tools; Welding  Tools; Machine Tools; Incising Tools; Farm Implements

 Builders Hardware; Door-and-Window Hardware; Furniture  Hardware; Ornamental  Hardware; Sundry Hardware; Locks and  Fittings; Silk Screens; Welding Materials; Low- pressure  Valves; Water Heating Equipments; Fasteners; Foundry Goods  and Forged  Pieces; Other Hardware

Building Materials & Kitchen, Sanitary Equipments

·Kitchen & Sanitary Equipment
 sanitary equipment; kitchen equipment

·Building Materials
 Building Materials; Metal Building Materials; Chemical Building  Materials; Glass Building Materials; Cement Products; Building  Ceramics; Floors and Flooring Materials; Stones, Tiles and  Bricks; Doors, Windows and Walls; Ceiling and  Partition; Decorative  Materials; Other Building Materials

Raw Materials

·Organic Chemicals; Inorganic Chemicals; Minerals; Non-ferrous Metal; Steel; Lumber; Textile Materials; Other Raw Materials

Consumer Goods

·Articles of Daily Use
 Cleaning and Supplies; Bathroom Accessories; Body-care  Items; General Houseware Items

 Domestic Furniture; Hotel and Restaurant Furniture; Office  Furniture; Medical  Furniture; Outdoor Furniture; Public  Furniture; Other Furniture; Semi-manufactured  Furniture and  Furniture Accessories

·Clocks, watches & Optical Instruments
 Clocks; Watches; Clock and Watch Spare  Parts; Eyeglasses; Accessories

·Sporting Goods, Tour Equipments & Casual Goods
 Sporting Goods; Casual Goods; Musical Instruments; Chesses  and Pokers; Sporting  Souvenirs; Outdoor Tour Articles

 Baby Toys; Electromotive, Remote Controlling and Clockwork  Toys; Games- action; Educational Games and Toys; Plush and  Cloth Toys; Dolls; Riding Vehicles; Musical  Toys; Inflatable  Toys; Other Toys and Toy Accessories

·Office Suppliers
 Pens and Writing Instruments; File Storage Products; Office  Items; Paper  Products; Labels; Desk Decorations

·Horticultural Products
 Flowers, Seedlings and Bonsai; Horticultural Tools; Horticultural  Item; Pet Fishes and Pet  Birds

·Houseware, Kitchenware & Tableware
 Houseware; Kitchenware; Table Accessories

·Cases & Bags
 Cases of Daily Use; Brief Cases; Bags; Other Cases, Bags and  Accessories

Decorations & Gifts

 ·Advertising Gifts and Presents
 Advertising Gifts and Presents; Paper Products and Packing  Products

 Resin Crafts; Traditional crafts; Other Crafts

·Home Decorations
 Home decorative items; Table Decorations; Drawnwork Interior  Decorations; Dried Flowers and Ikebana; Drawings, Pictures and  Frames; Door and Window Decorations and Wall-hung  Adornments

·Festival and Party Decorations
 Party Supplies and Decorations; Festival Decorations; Festival  Lights

Jewelry; Accessories; Bone Carvings and Jade Carvings

Food Stuff & Agricultural Products

 Food Stuff; Beverage; Tea; Agricultural Products

Industrial Products
Household Electrical Appliances

·Kitchen Electrical Appliances
·Refrigerators and Refrigeration Equipment
·Air Conditioners and Ventilation Equipment
·Washers and Dryers
·Other Small Electrical Appliances

Electronics and IT Products

· Audio-video Products
· Computer Products
· Communication Products
· Business Automation Equipment
· Electronic Security Equipment
· Electronic and Electrical Products
· Computer Software

Lamps & Lighting Fixtures

· Light Sources
· Lamps and Lights
· Light Fittings


· Measures
· Grinders
· Blades
· Hand Tools
· Electric Tools
· Pneumatic Tools
· Hydraulic Pressure Tools
· Welding Tools
· Machine Tools
· Incising Tools
· Farm Implements

Machinery & Equipment

· Apparatus
· Photographic Supplies
· Printing Apparatus
· Universal Machinery
· Home Sewing Machines and Parts, Weaving Supplies
· Element Parts of Machinery
· Varied Models of Complete Plants
· Large-scale Machinery and Equipment

Small Vehicles & Spare Parts

· Vehicle Spare Parts
· Bicycles and Motorcycles


· Builders Hardware
· Door-and-window Hardware
· Furniture Hardware
· Ornamental Hardware
· Sundry Hardware
· Locks and Fittings
· Silk Screens
· Welding Materials
· Low-pressure Valves
· Water Heating Equipment
· Fasteners
· Foundry Goods and Forged Pieces
· Other Hardware

Building Materials

· Building Materials
· Metal Building Materials
· Chemical Building Materials
· Glass Building Materials
· Cement Products
· Building Ceramics
· Floors and Flooring Materials
· Stones, Tiles and Bricks
· Doors, Windows and Walls
· Ceilings and Partitions
· Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment
· Decorative Materials
· Other Building Materials

Chemical Products & Mineral Products

· Chemical Products
· Minerals Metallurgy and Non-ferrous Metal Minerals

Vehicles & Construction Machinery

· Vehicles
· Civil-construction Engineering Machinery
· Farming and Forestry Machinery
· Power Machinery

【Canton Fair (Liuhua) Complex】

Textiles & Garments, Medicines & Health Products

· Fashion Wear and Casual Wear
· Occasional Wear
· Pajamas and Underwear
· Sports Wear
· Kids Wear
· Special Garments
· Garment Fabrics
· Fashion Accessories
· Garment Fittings

Household Textiles

· Beddings
· House Textiles
· Sanitary and Bathroom Textiles
· Table Textiles and Kitchen Textiles
· Other Textiles

Carpets & Tapestries

· Carpets
· Tapestries

Textile Raw Materials & Fabrics

· Textile Raw Materials
· Fabrics
· Yarn
· Special Woven Fabrics, Non-woven Fabrics and Industrial Cloth
· Garment Accessories


· Embroidered Products
· Braids
· Quilting Products
· Artex Decorations
· Prints
· Raw Artex

Furs, Leather, Down & related products

· Furs and Fur Products
· Leather and Leather Products
· Down and Down Products
· Cashmere and Cashmere Products

Footwear & Headgear

· Footwear
· Headgear

Medicines, Health Products & Hospital Equipment

· Medicines
· Medical Instruments
· Health-care Products and Instruments
· Beauty and Body-care Products
· Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines


Phase II: Oct. 25 - 30, 2007
【Canton Fair (Pazhou) Complex】

Consumer Goods
Articles of Daily Use

· Cleaning and Supplies
· Bathroom Accessories
· Body-care Items
· General Houseware Items

Native Produce & Animal By- products

· Native Produce
· Animal By-products(Furs, Leather, Feathers, Down and related products excluded)
· Forest Products
· Others


· Domestic Furniture
· Hotel and Restaurant Furniture
· Office Furniture
· Medical Furniture
· Outdoor Furniture
· Public Furniture
· Other Furniture
· Semi-manufactured Furniture and Furniture Accessories


· General Ceramics, Tableware Ceramics and Kitchenware Ceramics
· Horticultural and Gardening Ceramics
· Art Ceramics
· Resin Crafts
· Other Ceramics

Houseware, Kitchenware & Tableware

· Houseware
· Table Accessories and Decorative Items
· Kitchenware

Cases and Bags

· Cases of Daily Use
· Brief Cases
· Bags
· Other Cases, Bags and Accessories

Foodstuffs & Tea

· Foodstuffs
· Beverages
· Tea

Stone & Iron Products

· Stone Carvings
· Stone
· Large Iron Products
· Other Garden Decorations

【Canton Fair (Liuhua) Complex】


· Paper Products and Packing Products
· Paintings, Pictures and Frames
· Advertising Gifts and Presents
· Crafts
·Jewellery, Bone Carvings & Jade Carvings


· Home Decorations
· Festival and Party Decorations


· Baby Toys
· Electromotive, Remote Controlling and Clockwork Toys
· Games-action
· Educational Games and Toys
· Plush and Cloth Toys
· Dolls
· Riding Vehicles
· Musical Toys
· Inflatable Toys
·Other Toys and Toy Accessories

Wickerwork Articles

·Reed Curtain and Reed Products
·Rush Products
·Straw Products
·Rattan Products
·Willow Products
·Bamboo Weaving Products
·Other Natural Plant Wickerwork Articles
·Wooden and Bamboo Arts, Wooden and Bamboo Products for Daily Use

Horticultural Products

· Flowers and Seedlings, Dried Flowers, Artificial Flowers and Bonsais
· Horticultural Tools and Outdoor Equipment
· Horticultural Items
·Pet Fishes and Pet Birds

Sporting Goods, Tour Equipment & Casual Goods

·Sporting Goods
·Casual Goods
·Musical Instruments
·Chesses and Pokers
·Sporting Souvenirs
·Outdoor Tour Articles

Office Supplies

·Pens and Writing Instruments
·File Storage Products
·Office Items
·Paper Products
·Desk Decorations

Clocks, Watches & Optical Instruments

·Clock and Watch Spare Parts

More information available at http://www.cantonfair.org.cn/en/index.asp

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