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/ Main / News / Memory of Iosif Timchenko – the inventor of an apparatus for movies shooting and demonstrating – to be immortalized in Odessa

Placed: 30.08.2007 11:22:15

Memory of Iosif Timchenko – the inventor of an apparatus for movies shooting and demonstrating – to be immortalized in Odessa

A monument and a memorial plaque to be installed in memory of a talented inventor Iosif Timchenko.

Taking into consideration the application by Ukraine’s National Cinematographers Union,
in order to immortalize the memory of the talented inventor Iosif Timchenko,
the following two monuments will be installed in Odessa:
- a monument to Iosif Timchenko and his family at the II Christian cemetery;
- a memorial plaque to Iosif Timchenko at the façade of the house No. 24 at Preobrazhenskaya str., where he’s lived and worked.
Iosif Timchenko was born in a serf’s family. Graduated from the mechanical dept of Kharkov University.
Since 1880, he’s been working as a mechanic in Novorossiyskiy University where he’s created a high-level shop of precise machines.
He’s constructed a lot of automatic meteorological devices. In 1893, in cooperation with the Russian physician N. Lyubimov, he’s invented an intermittent mechanism – “helix” – for interrupted shots change in the optical disc. On the base of the “helix”, Iosif Timchenko created the world first movie apparatus to become the prototype of more upgraded devices. He’s also shot two movies with the help of this apparatus – “Horse-rider” and “Javelin Thrower”.
Public on-screen cartoons demonstration with the help of the device took place in Moscow in January 1894 at the 9th Session of Russian Naturalists and Doctors.
P.S. Lumierre brothers created an apparatus for “moving pictures” shooting and projecting in 1895.

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