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/ Main / News / The multinational Odessa sang and danced at the City Garden. Big picture story

Placed: 02.09.2017 14:58:26

The multinational Odessa sang and danced at the City Garden. Big picture story

Multicultural project "Everyone is a friend in Odessa": national art teams presented their creativity in the City Garden. Big picture story

On the City Day’s eve, on September 1, 2017, a concert "Everyone is a friend in Odessa" took place in the City Garden.

Different national groups were performing on the stage. The holiday began with performance of the "Jam Band" - initiator of event. Musicians raised the mood of the audience with rhythmic Odessa melodies.

Boris Yudilevich, who came to the City Day from Los Angeles sang songs about Odessa and read poetry on the stage of rotunda. The romantic melodies were performed by the violinist Yakov Kaviza.

As director of department of culture and tourism Tatyana Markova noted, art and culture as well as possible unite people of different nationalities, and Odessa is a vivid confirmation of this.






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