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/ Main / Odessa Zoo

Odessa Zoo

The very idea of creating the Odessa zoo appeared the day before celebrating the city’s 100th anniversary, in 1889, when the draft and the plan of “The Zoo on the Politseyskaya str. Near the ravine” was made up, but they failed to embody this plan.

The next step to create the zoo was made in 1914. The project of building it on the Botanic garden territory was made up and agreed by the city Duma, but the World War I and the Civil War hindered these plans’ embodiment.
And only in 1922 the zoo building on Primoskiy boulevard in the Vorontsovskiy palace’s lower garden begun.


The main merit of Odessa first zoo organizing belongs to one of the energetic “Southclimate” society’s head Heinrich Vladimirovich Beizert.
Despite a great amount of work carried out (construction of the grottos for lions, bears and tigers, pools for birds, small mountain for the mountain goats), the zoo garden had a lot of problems. These were both the lack of finances and the zoo territory’s being absolutely unsuitable for the animals’ placing. The city administration decided to close the zoo.
In December, 1927, the All-Union contest to make up an Odessa zoo project was announced. Three projects were accepted as a zoo building basis. Zoo building along the Arcadia road was begun in 1929. The basic works were being carried out on this territory: the landscape works were fulfilled, the dams along the main alley were constructed, the “Caucasian mountains” were begun to be built. The city administration was planning to put a part of the zoo in the act during 1930. The “Southclimate” society has already gathered a collection of animals for the zoo. But this project wasn’t fulfilled as well. Only the name of the street – the Zoo street – reminds of this.

Despite all the difficulties, Heinrich Beizert did continue to act tirelessly. In 1933, he’s appointed to the post of 4th State Zoo on the Privoz administrator. The institution itself belonged to the State Circus, which had located its zoo in the City Garden for several years, and then has moved to Privoz.

This time, the 1st Christian cemetery was liquidated in Odessa according to the City administration decree. In the end of the 30-ies, the Illyich park and a zoo appeared on the ex-cemetery territory. But the only archive document to prove the zoo opening in Novoshchepniy ryad str., 25, was the zoo manager Heinrich Beisert’s paper on the Regional Workers’ council executive committee session on March, 16, 1945, in which he announced that “Odessa zoo was organized on the Illyichevskiy park territory in 1937” without budget assigning and “was working on economical payment”. The zoo was opened for the visitors in 1938. The zoo is still located on this very place, near the famous Privoz. 
At the Odessa Zoo functions the aquaterrarium, where visitors can observe exotic reptiles, snakes and fishes as well as the representatives of our regional fauna. 

In 1992, according to Ukraine’s law, the zoo received the status of all-state importance nature reserve and replenished the composition of Ukraine’s natural reserve fund. The territory of the zoo is 6.5 ha. At this territory a very rich collection of animals is gathered (by the state on the January, 1, 2012, it features 265 types of animals and has 1452 exemplars). Wonderful and beautiful animal world is collected here: the representatives of all continents. Coming to the zoo, visitors occur to an astounding world of exotic animals, full with lions, tigers, leopards, wolf and bears. Visitors can watch elephants, monkeys, kangaroos, ostriches, feast their eyes on funny baby animals and hear the wonderful birds’ songs.

Zoo’s scientific specialization: «Ukrainian South’s rare and disappearing animals». The only Ukraine’s nursery of keeping and breeding the birds of prey and owls is created here. According to the association agreement with the national nature park “Lower Dniester”, the grown-up eagle owls are put back to nature. The conservation area of the national park has already become a home for three of these rare and wonderful birds.
The most happy events in the zoo are the birth of baby animals. They always evoke smiles. They are facetious and tender, bland and unsuspicious. It is always so nice to observe their first steps into the adult life.

Odessa zoo is the only one in Ukraine where the Indian elephants, who became the parents of already three cubs, are reproducing successfully.

In 1992, the happy couple got their first cub. It received the name of Sim Elephant aka Fantick and become the actor of the European circus. It was artificially reared by its stepmother – the predatory and trunk animals section manager Ludmyla Mykolaivna Popova.
In 1998, a female elephant, which weighed over 90 kilos, was born. It received the name of Tendy and lives in Kharkov zoo now.
On October, 2004, Taroon and Wendy got their third cub, which received the name of Duke.
Odessa zoo is one of the oldest in Ukraine. On September 2012 it will celebrate it’s 90th anniversary.

1. 1. Watching of scientific films at the
3-D cinema of the Zoo (separate entrance from the Novosheplniy ryad str.). 

2. 2. Visiting of Aquaterrarium (separate entrance from the Novosheplniy ryad str.):
• Excursion services.

3. 3. Visiting of the Zoo:
• Excursion services;
• Young naturalists study groups (free of charge);
• Visiting of contact expositions “Turtle’s island” and “Village yard”, where everyone can touch and take in hands animals (free of charge);
· Riding ponies, camels, lamas;

· Buying special feed for animals at the zoo;
• Zoo shop;
• Foods and drinks in the cafes of the zoo;
• Children playgrounds and go-rounds;
• Ecological festivals for adults and children, which are regularly held at the zoo;
• Visiting of the exhibition of insects;
• Visiting of the exhibition of dinosaurs. 
In the Odessa Zoo functions aquaterrarium (the entrance is separate from the Novosheplniy ryad str.). Here visitors can observe not only exotic animals, but also the representatives of our regional fauna. The inhabitants of aquaterrarium is over 140 types of reptiles, amphibians, fishes and spineless.
Coming to the aquaterrarium, visitors explore the wonderful world of submerged depths, heat tropics and ample steppes. Visit the aquaterrarium and feel the magic world of the most cryptic inhabitants of our planet.


Since the June, 1, 2012 at Odessa Zoo the 3-D cinema is opened, where everyday every hour from 11 a.m. till 7 p.m. the films about the wildlife for all amateurs of stereoscopic 3-D image are shown.
There will be shown the film “Marine dinosaurs: an adventure to the prehistoric world” in summer 2012 at the Zoo. The audience can join the brave team and start the unforgettable and dangerous trip to meet the sovereigns of ocean of the famous Jurassic period. You will make the amazing discoveries about the ancient and present fauna and the unbelievable beauty of submerged landscapes. The modern stereoscopic 3-D image will give you all the exotic of prehistoric period to the smallest details. We will take you to the world, you never imagined existed. 


The study group “Pet” waits everybody who loves nature and its creatures. The study group works absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. Studies are held for two age groups: pupils of 3-4th forms and pupils of 5-7th forms. Members of the study groups will cover the theoretical and practical course (help in the animals handling, study of their biology, behavior and dietary patterns).
The young naturalists take part in all festivals, held by the zoo for the citizens of Odessa. Young actors of our theatre prepare shows and spectacles.
Our young naturalists publish a monthly newspaper “Pet”, which gives opportunities for all young journalists and artists to disclose their talents.
There is a visiting of zoological and paleontological museums of Odessa I.I.Mechnikov national university, set-offs to the conservation areas of Odessa region, participating at the team ecologic games, organized by Odessa Zoo and other ecologic centers of the city in the working plan of the study groups.
Study groups continue to work even in summer. The staff of the zoo has worked out a plan of summer practice for young naturalists, which will let the children to study better the animal life in the zoo. The most curious children can collect the information for the studies, which can be presented to the MAC (Minor Academy of Sciences).
of the ZOO
of the ZOO
Child (5-15 years old)
10 UAN
30 UAN
20 UAN
15 UAN
30 UAN
Family (2 children + 2 adults)
100 UAN
not provided
not provided
Child (5-15 years old)
35 UAN
not provided
not provided
70 UAN
not provided
not provided
Child with discount (5-15 years old)
(only on a base of contract)
20 UAN
not provided
not provided
EXCURSIONS (for the group)
Groups from 1 to 15 persons
30 UAN
not provided
Groups from 15 to 30 persons
30 UAN + 2 UAN extra
for each person over 15 persons
not provided
Child (5-15 years old)
(only on a base of contract)
(for groups over 8 persons)
20 UAN
(for groups over 8 persons)
15 UAN
(only on a base of contract)
10 UAN
(for groups over 10 persons)
20 UAN
(for groups over 8 persons)
Excursions for organized groups are to be paid extra
30 UAN + 2 UAN extra for each person over 15 persons
not provided
Categories of citizens, which can visit the zoo free of charge:
• children up to 5 years old
• disabled people of I and II groups (showing the warrant)
• liquidators of aftermaths of Chernobyl disaster (showing the warrant)
• veterans (showing the warrant)
• families of dependent children (showing the warrant)
• children-orphans (showing the warrant)
• HIV-infected children (showing the warrant)
• fugitives (showing the warrant)
• children of dead officers of Ministry of Home Affairs (showing the warrant) 

Program “Become the guardian” gives the opportunity to take part in the life of the zoo for everybody who cares about the future of wild life and animals.
Every person or organization of any form of ownership can select an animal and become it’s guardian of sponsor.
Guardian makes a payment for feeding and keeping the animal, he likes most of all. He receives the certificate and family subscription for a year. There will be set the individual plates with the names of the sponsors near the enclosures with the animals.
Sponsor – is a person or organization, which makes the one-time fee starting from 100 UAN. Your name will be at the plate “sponsors” near the enclosure with the animal, you have chosen.
More details about the program “Become a guardian” you can find at the web-site of Odessa Zoo: : WWW.ZOO.OD.UA

Time lead us to changes. Today the Odessa Zoo bears the new period of active growth. There is a huge amount of works (building, construction and renovation) which will allow to make more comfortable the conditions of keeping the animals as well as the zone of rest and recreation of visitors.
Citizens of Odessa take the very active part in the reconstruction, participating in the community work days with a great interest.
Many events for children are organized at the Zoo every year: ecological festivals, team competitions, and lectures for young naturalists. The most bright events of 2011 was: “Elephants Day” (when the elephant Wendy was fed with bananas and watermelons); “Visit by the Alien zoo” (which has brought for children the frog-artist and the turtles-sprinters) and of course “Festival of lions” (when every visitor could pat a real little predators and name them). For 2012 there is also planned a great list of ecologic events for adults and children.
02.01.2012 – The New Year Festival
 14.01.2012 – The Old New Year
 18.02.2012 - Valentine's day
03.03.2012 – International Cats’ Day
24.03.2012 – Spring birds festival 
01.04.2012 – Zoo humor day
 14.04.2012 – Day of bears awakening
 21.04.2012 – International Mother-Earth Day (community work day)
 05.05.2012 – Donkey Day
 12.05.2012 – Flowering Day (community work day)
 26.05.2012 – The turtle’s Day
 01.06.2012 – International children protection day 
09.06.2012 – World nature guarding day
 16.06.2012 – community work day
 30.06.2012 – Zoo babies day
 21.07.2012 – Pig’s day
 28.07.2012 – Zoo of miracles
 11.08.2012 – Insect festival
18.08.2012 – Camel Day
 24.08.2012 – Ukraine’s independence Day
 01.09.2012 – Knowledge Day
02.09.2012 – The Odessa city anniversary
08.09.2012 – The Zoo anniversary
 22.09.2012 – International day of elephant’s protection
 06.10.2012 – Day of animal protection
 13.10.2012 – Autumn birds festival
 27.10.2012 –«Whiskers, legs and tail»
 10.11.2012 – Zinoviy-tit-day
 24.11.2012 – Day of young naturalists of the Zoo
 01.12.2012 – Hugs Day
 29.12.2012 – The New Year fairy-tale
г. Одесса-65007, ул. Новощепной ряд, 25 (около «Привоза»)

Odessa-65007, Novoshepniy ryad, str. 25 (near «Privoz»)

Tel. Zoo (general information):
0 (48) 722 – 55 – 89; 0 (482) 344 – 774

Excursion office:
0 (482) 32 62 30,
0 66 215 82 16,
0 63 19 19 359

Young naturalists study groups:
0 (482) 344 773,
0 67 812 69 50,
0 66 789 09 81
 Web-site: www.zoo.od.ua
- buses №3, №38, №61, №100, №100а, №115, №115к, №117, №129, №144, №171, №190, №196, №214, №220, №240, №241, №250
- trams: №5, №11, №12, №28
- trolleybus: №1, №10, №8, №7, №11

Zoo works everyday without holidays
In summer since 9.00 till 20.00
In winter since 9.00 till 17.00

The time of work hours change every month, depending the length of the daylight hours.

All information about the Odessa Zoo you can find at the official web-site of the Zoo, following the link













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